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Finding buyers’ stories and voices in the data

I’m going to start with a question. What’s your favourite Internet of Things (IoT) device, product or service? A Fitbit, perhaps? An app on your smartphone? My next question: why do you like it? Because it’s exciting, techie and interesting? Because you like to have things before anyone else? Or

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Digital intelligence for optimizing customer engagement

Digital intelligence is a trending term in the space of digital marketing analytics that needs to be demystified. Let's begin by defining what a digital marketing analytics platform is: Digital marketing analytics platforms are technology applications used by customer intelligence ninjas to understand and improve consumer experiences. Prospecting, acquiring, and holding on

Programming Tips
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Lidt om SAS Data Scientists

Siden Thomas Davenport og D.J. Patil i 2012 beskrev jobtitlen Data Scientist som ”The sexiest Job of the 21st Century”, har der været stigende fokus på, hvordan virksomheder på tværs af industrier har brug for medarbejdere, som kan arbejde med og forstå store mængder data. Data Science-begrebet er brugt vidt

Customer Intelligence | Data Management
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Web analytics vs. digital intelligence - what's the difference?

The business opportunity to intelligently manage customer journeys across their lifecycle with your brand has never been greater, but so is the danger of not meeting their expectations and losing out to savvier competitors. In my opinion, the current state of most digital analytic practices continue to be siloed, tactical, and narrowly fixated on channel-obsessed dashboard

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