SAS Global Forum 2015: SAS programming for newer technologies

Many experienced and novice SAS programmers take advantage of the power of a “language within a language” offered by PROC SQL, SAS/IML and the SAS Macro Facility. But how many of you are aware of recently added languages and techniques? These newer tools are designed to help SAS programmers leverage virtualization, parallel processing and related technologies.

Here’s a sampling of the presentations, workshops and Super Demos offered at SAS Global Forum 2015. You won’t want to miss these if you’re looking for ways to add more programming techniques to your toolkit! Read More »

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Headed to SAS Global Forum and searching for industry-related content?

NetworkingIf you are one of the thousands of SAS users soon to be in Dallas for SAS Global Forum, you've probably already used the online tools to help you view sessions related to your industry. It’s easy to do by filtering on your own particular industry, such as banking, or by filtering on your session topic area, such as data management. It pays to plan ahead, be prepared, and to make the most of your conference experience.

One additional opportunity that you may not know about: the SAS special-interest users groups Community Linkups, scheduled for Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. The Community Linkups begin with a reception and are followed by a meeting with industry peers. Not a member of the special-interest group already? No worries, all SAS Global Forum attendees are welcome, whether you are a current member of the group or just want to check things out.

The following groups are planning to meet. Read more and register for the linkup that best meets your interests: Read More »

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SAS and Hortonworks – partnering to unlock your Hadoop data


Kim Truong, Hortonworks

Contributed by Kim Truong, Sr. Marketing Manager, Hortonworks, where she is responsible for partner marketing with SAS.

At Hortonworks, we’ve been working with SAS engineering teams since 2013, allowing our customers to leverage the inherent scale-out compute and storage capabilities of Hadoop in combination with the richness of SAS analytics. We’re going to be at SAS Global Forum 2015 in Dallas, April 26-29 and would love to show you all the innovative integrations on the SAS and Apache Hadoop front. Read More »

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Include Info Windows in your SAS Visual Analytics reports

An Info Window is a SAS Visual Analytics pop-up window that provides additional information when a user selects a report object. When designing your report, you can think of an Info Window as simply an additional report section that is defined as hidden.

Now that you know what an Info Window is, what can you put in it? The beauty of it—anything  you would a typical report section! Well, except report and section level prompts, that is.

I think one of the Info Window’s benefits is being able to provide that extra level of detail for a report object without navigating off the current report section.  Info Windows can include:

  • prompts in the report body
  • text to give your users more information on the data source refresh schedule, system maintenance schedule, or system administrator contact information
  • any additional report objects with or without hierarchies to allow access to additional pieces of information to help explain dashboard numbers.

So, if it’s hidden, how do report users access it? Since the Info Window is a hidden report section, you must define an interaction from a source object to the Info Window (aka, hidden report section), and the target object will be the pop-up Info Window. Let’s look at how to configure a report section as an Info Window. Read More »

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SAS Global Forum:  spotlight on analytical content

As always at this time of year, I like to highlight some of the related analytical content at the upcoming conference, and those readers not going can expect to benefit from the windfall of papers and online videos that will follow SAS Global Forum 2015. This year, the lineup looks especially appealing to statisticians and data scientists. Read More »

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SAS Global Forum:  spotlight on SAS administrators

This year, the number of presentations, Super Demos and workshops to help with the administration of SAS software and its hardware infrastructure is growing at SAS Global Forum 2015.  This is wonderful news to the SAS Administrators coming to the conference.

These presentations start on Sunday with a 3.5 hour workshop offered by Greg Nelson of Thotwave  “SAS Administration: Understanding SAS Enterprise Architecture”.

SAS staff will be presenting on a variety of administration topics. Here is a sampling of topics of interest during the conference: Read More »

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Five must-see places while in Dallas

SAS Global Forum is great for seeing how others use SAS, both in a formal presentation environment as well as during informal conversations at mixers and meals. However, I always allow a little extra time when traveling to and from SAS Global Forum to see a little of the city where the conference is being held.

I have a long list of things to do in Dallas – certainly longer than I have time to devote to sightseeing – but here are my personal top picks and they’re all within easy reach of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Read More »

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A SAS Global Forum to remember!

It’s been just over a year since my appearance at SAS Global Forum 2014 last year (if you can remember, I was the crazy one who memorized Pi to 1000 digits and wore silly colored glasses on stage while I recalled them), and since then I have been very busy. Just a week after last year’s event, I won the 2014 USA Memory Championship and broke a couple records (one for memorizing names and the other for memorizing numbers). Also, since then I placed 8th in the World Championships, and just one week ago I won the 2015 USA Memory Championships, winning it for the 4th time (I also broke another record - memorizing more names than last year)! Phew! Read More »

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SAS Global Forum 2015 – 39 is the magic number!

What do terabytes of data, elephants, and red hats all have in common? Or said another way, what do the three companies Teradata, Hortonworks and RedHat all have in common with 36 other brand-name companies and universities? They are all SAS partners and sponsors for SAS Global Forum 2015. Read More »

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SAS Global Forum 2015:  writing SAS code for a production environment

Last week, Sara Jones shared a list of sample session agendas designed to help you build your personal SAS Global Forum 2015 schedule.  But what if there are other areas of interest or topics you’d like to focus on? This is the first in a series of blog posts that spotlights some of the great conference content available to you—from breakout sessions to e-posters to hands-on workshops.

If you write SAS code for a production environment, you may want to include a couple of sessions that can help you refine your programming techniques and strategies. These sessions address challenges—from beginner to advanced—that face programmers working in any language and show how to address them when programming with SAS: Read More »

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