You react so quickly! Do you have ESP?

SAS Event Stream Processing that is! The latest release of SAS Event Stream Processing will launch May 12, and numerous customers around the globe are already using it. So what’s the big deal?

Why event streams are important to business

SAS Event Stream Processing allows organizations to react to events virtually instantaneously. Consider the following scenarios. Imagine if:

  • An online retailer creates custom offers as customers click around the web
  • An oil company automatically vents a pipeline to a reservoir when sensors detect an increase in pressure
  • A financial regulator reverses predatory trading immediately after it occurred

These are all extremely high value scenarios, and the reason is the rapid reaction time. If the retailer markets to the customer after he or she has already ended their session, it’s less effective. If the oil pipeline breaks, it is a disaster. If the predatory trading isn’t reversed for months, markets and peoples’ lives are negatively affected.

The point is that the value of information decreases dramatically over time. While it’s often helpful to analyze historical data, the faster you can use that analysis to react to actual events, the more valuable it can be to the bottom line. As the graphic below shows, the quicker you take action following a business event, the more that action will be worth in money earned or saved.

ESP_XML_capture.png Read More »

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Top 5 reasons to attend PharmaSUG 2015

PharmaSUG 2015 logo with sea turtle image and Orlando 2015For more than 25 years, PharmaSUG has been the premier educational experience for SAS users in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether you're new to using SAS or a seasoned veteran, this year's event in Orlando, May 17-20, has something for you! Read More »

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“Think and Do” approach to educating big data students

IMG_1657One of the big topics at SAS Global Forum 2015 is the analytics skills gap. Tonya Etchison Balan of the Poole College of Management at NC State University presented a case study approach for teaching analytical skills.

The motto at NC State is “Think and Do.” What that means is the university wants students to not only learn to think critically, but also to gain hands-on-experience with the tools that will enable them to be successful in their careers. Read More »

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Can I run SAS Grid Manager in the AWS cloud?

SAS recently performed testing using the Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre* Software - Global Support (HVM) available on AWS marketplace to determine how well a standard workload mix using SAS Grid Manager performs on AWS.  Our testing demonstrates that with the right design choices you can run demanding compute and I/O applications on AWS. You can find the detailed results in the technical paper, SAS® Grid Manager 9.4 Testing on AWS using Intel® Lustre.

In addition to the paper, Amazon will be publishing a post on the AWS Big Data Blog that will take a look at the approach to scaling the underlying AWS infrastructure to run SAS Grid Manager to meet the demands of SAS applications with demanding I/O requirements.  Read More »

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The future of analytics

Before kicking off SAS Global Forum in Dallas, SAS held an academic summit to recognize faculty and students who are making a difference in analytics. They also shined a light on 15 student ambassadors whose papers were selected for their innovative approach to solving problems using SAS.

Inside SAS Global Forum host, Anna Brown, interviewed two of the 2015 ambassador winners. Read More »

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Ode to a SAS Global Forum attendee

SAS Global Forum has just begun.
Attendees are excited to see everything and everyone.

A team of volunteers works hard with one goal in mind.
To make sure it’s perfect to have you return time over time.

There are definitely quite a few changes and I know for some past attendees that may pain us.

Printed materials are one for the ages.
Although a crazy few may still want to carry around all those pages.

We will still have those printed daily schedules and maps, but to find the most current information you’ll need to download the app!

An event this size is not without its glitches, but the biggest positive this year is NO DRINK TICKETS.


Past attendees may wonder how can this be?
Newbies may question what do I mean?

For all just understand that drinks are free - no tickets, no cash.
And just for curiosity sake ask to see Art Carpenter’s old ticket stash.


Please provide lots of feedback or at least provide some.
It means more improvements for many years to come.

Four days of seeing, doing, and learning a ton.
Most of all the 2015 conference will be lots of fun.

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SAS Global Forum is live in 3, 2, 1…

There’s a common aphorism that everything is bigger in Texas. So when SAS decided to host SAS Global Forum and SAS Global Forum Executive Conference in Dallas - it had to go big.

Both conferences will kick off Sunday evening with a Texas-sized crowd of more than 4,500 attendees. But if you’re not there, you can still tap into the valuable information being shared. Read More »

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SAS Global Forum 2015: What's inside The Quad?

Every college and university seems to have its own unique version of “The Quad”, where folks mingle and serious (and more often less serious!) happenings are staged.

At SAS Global Forum, The Quad is the former SAS Support and Demo area, freshened up with today’s casual atmosphere, more interactive spaces and new opportunities to learn, network, eat and socialize. Here’s a quick rundown of some activities you won’t want to miss: Read More »

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SAS support site—not just another pretty face

Sometimes you just need a new pair of shoes or a brand new hat. Something so small can add a pep to your step and allow you to see new opportunities in the same old places. Don't believe me? Try it. We did and I can't wait for you to see what we've been up to.

We took the site that you use every day and spruced it up. In a way, we gave it a new pair of shoes and a hat. Visit the site any time after Thursday morning, April 16 and see for yourself. All of your favorite content, your bookmarks, and your applications are right where you left them. They just have a fresh new look. The new look brings more alignment between and, making the transition between the two sites less shocking and easier for you to explore information from SAS.

Here's a glimpse of the new top navigation on Read More »

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Deploying SAS software--save time and effort with shared configuration

SAS System software supports a wide variety architecture and deployment possibilities. It’s wild when you think about it because you can scale the analytic power of SAS from the humblest single CPU laptop machine all the way up to hundreds-of-machines clusters.

When SAS deployments involve many machines, it’s natural to look for time- and effort-saving options that simplify the initial installation as well as ongoing administration. Electing to employ a shared SAS configuration directory is one of those options. But what does that even mean?

Deploying SAS with a shared configuration directory is always optional. It’s not a technical requirement in any sense. But there are times when it’s really nice to have and SAS does support it in the proper circumstances.  Here are some tips on when to take advantage of shared configuration capabilities. Read More »

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