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Data Visualization
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Scatter with box

Previously, I discussed ways to create a Box Plot with Stat Table and Markers in the linked article.  One of the graphs showed a Box Plot of Cholesterol by Death cause along with the display of the actual observations.  The main goal for that article was display of statistics with

Data Visualization
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Hotel Text

Yesterday, I published an article on Axis values display, where I mentioned the desire expressed by many users to get x-axis tick values in Hotel text orienttion.  The name comes from the way many hotel signs are displayed as shown on the right.  Such arrangement of text can also be very

Data Visualization
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Axis values display

Displaying nicely rendered axis values reduces clutter and makes the graph more readable.  With SAS 9.4, we added the ability for splitting x-axis tick values on white space to create a nice and readable x-axis as shown in the graph on the right. It is always a challenge to fit

Data Visualization
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ODS Graphics Designer

Some observant readers may have noticed a new icon on the right sidebar of this blog announcing the release of the new SAS Press book on the ODS Graphics Designer, written in collaboration with Jeanette Bottitta.  Jeanette is a Technical Writer at SAS and has worked on various SAS Graphics products

Data Visualization
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Financial graphs

Browsing on the web, I ran into a simple but visually interesting graph of financial data.  Really, it could be any data, but this one showed up under "Financial Graphs".  I thought this would give me an opportunity to speak about an interesting new feature added to SERIES plot with

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