Graphically Speaking

Data Visualization with a focus on SAS ODS Graphics
Data Visualization
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Category highlighting

When presenting information in form of a graph we show the data and let the reader draw the inferences.  However, often one may want to draw the attention of the reader towards some aspect of the graph or data.  For one such case, a user asked how to highlight one

Data Visualization
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Should we move to Ireland?

Recently, while browsing health care data, I came across the graph shown below.  The graph includes the healthy life expectancy at birth by countries in the EU, along with the associated per capita expenditure.  The graph also shows estimate of potential gain in life expectancy by increasing expenditure efficiency. The

Data Visualization
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Diagonal tick values

Fitting of long category values on a x-axis is usually a challenge.  With SAS 9.4, the SGPLOT procedure tries to fit the values by first splitting the values at white space to see if the values will fit in the space available.  This normally works well for a small number

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