Work & Life at SAS

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Work & Life at SAS
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Great workplaces trust their employees

Do you ever feel like you can’t talk to the executives or have a voice that matters in your workplace? Have you ever wondered why changes in communication can’t take place within your work space?  Like you can’t share your knowledge with others because you simply don’t know them, how

Work & Life at SAS
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Trust is our operating system

My colleague Allison Lane posed this question in a blog post earlier today: What gives you a sense of awe at SAS? I hesitated to post an answer. I mean, who cares what somebody in public relations says? As an 18-year PR veteran here, I’m not exactly objective. But here’s

Work & Life at SAS
Allison Lane 0
I am in awe of this place

What gives you a sense of awe? Perhaps the birth of a child.  A sunset.  A space shuttle flight. Or maybe your colleagues. Your workplace. Your company’s leadership. Here at SAS, I am in awe every day. SAS is programmers and statisticians, yes. It’s also landscapers, painters, builders, marketers, chefs,

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