Willie the Seeing Eye Dog
SAS Accessibility and Applied Assistive Technology

Willie the Seeing Eye dog has been part of the SAS Accessibility and Applied Assistive Technology team for four years. He helps Software Development Manager Ed Summers get around SAS Corporate Headquarters without breaking his neck. He plans to blog about his many adventures with Ed as they work to ensure that users of all abilities can succeed using SAS software.

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The final post

Hey Folks, This is Ed, and I have some sad news to share. A few months ago, Willie started to lose his appetite. We took him to the vet, and he was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer had progressed beyond treatment. So, we brought him home and spoiled him

It's been a blast!

Well, folks, I think it’s time to hang up my harness. Since 2008, I’ve navigated the pathways of SAS, visited some great places throughout North America, and taken the best care I could of my friend Ed. But 7 years is a long time (especially in dog-years). So I’m graciously

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My TV debut is January 11

I'm making my debut on television! Tune in to WRAL-TV on Friday evening, January 11, 2013.  I'll be featured on a Good Things! segment which airs during the 5:30 newscast. (You should see me approximately 5:55pm EST.)   [Update: If you missed the segment, not to worry.  They've posted a