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I took another trip to California and, of course, allowed Ed to come with me. San Francisco is an amazing place to visit (especially in March when it’s cold and wet in North Carolina.)

On this trip, we met with wonderful group of people, the California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Inc. (CTEBVI). They get together once each year to share experiences and ideas to support and advocate for people with visual impairments.

This year Ed and other wise leaders created a symposium to discuss cutting edge technology that is being used in the classroom, such as electronic textbooks and web-based instructional materials. The symposium explored assistive technologies and how they can be used to prepare students with visual impairments for the future! It gave us a lively and energizing afternoon.

While we were there, the news organization, Bloomberg News West, sat down to interview Ed. Check out the video clip here or below.

Perhaps you might wonder if I felt slighted that Ed got so much attention, but I really didn’t. It’s fine with me if he does most of the talking. I’m good with being silent but gorgeous.


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Willie the Seeing Eye dog has been part of the SAS Accessibility and Applied Assistive Technology team for four years. He helps Software Development Manager Ed Summers get around SAS Corporate Headquarters without breaking his neck. He plans to blog about his many adventures with Ed as they work to ensure that users of all abilities can succeed using SAS software.

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  1. Willie, thanks for keeping us up-to-date on what's going on in Ed's world. Tell Ed that the technologies that he talked about in his Bloomberg interview were fascinating. The iBeacon technology would be useful for those visually impaired as well as for those not visually impaired. I'd love to be able to navigate directly to a point of interest in a store, hotel, mall, and even a customer site.

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