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Ask a statistician: Why do you love SAS?

So far in our "Ask the statistician" blog and video series, we have heard responses from statisticians to the following questions: Why is it important to celebrate the International Year of Statistics? How did you became interested in statistics? Why should students study statistics? How do you use statistics? What

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FP&R, or, Why we kicked the spreadsheet habit

Are you missing the “A” in your FP&A (financial planning and analysis)?  Maybe missing some of the “P” as well?  Are you and your department getting a bit tired of the “FR” gig you seem to have landed? I just got back from chairing last week’s IE Group Financial Innovation

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SAS blogger on statistics, big data and simplicity

Popular SAS blogger Rick Wicklin was recently interviewed by the Brazilian statistics site, estatisti.co about his new book, his background in mathematics, his advice for programmers and his dedication to blogging. Wicklin's answers are conveniently translated into English on the site, so you can read these - and other gems by checking out the full interview.

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Does the philosophy of knowledge need statistics?

If a SAS Global Forum presentation doesn’t include at least one line of code, is it still a presentation? Absolutely. Just ask those who donned their thinking caps to hear J. Michael Hardin, Dean and Professor of Statistics from Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration at the University of

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SAS loves math: Tonya Balan

A senior manager in the analytics product management group, Tonya Balan sees herself as a bridge between SAS customers and R&D, ensuring that SAS products stay relevant to the needs of the customer. With a background in statistics and experience as a college professor, Tonya shares her excellent advice and

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Conversational analytics

When you begin your career your most important skills are your hard, technical skills; the finance and accounting, the statistics and economics, the physics and chemistry, the engineering and calculus.  But as I tell my business school mentees, as your career progresses, the emphasis changes such that much sooner than

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Analytics gone wild?

A recent post on the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) site, Analytics Conferences Gone Wild!, is*not* about how statisticians are sexy. Yes, I'm recalling that memorable quote in the August 2009 NY Times story, "For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics,” which included the following quote: “I keep saying that

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Speakers are confirmed for SCSUG 2011

Registration is now open for the  SCSUG 2011 (South Central SAS Users Group) educational forum to be held at the Sheraton Fort Worth Hotel and Spa in Fort Worth, Texas November 6 - 8.  Whet your SAS tastebuds with this lineup of speakers: Keynote Address What’s New in SAS® 9.3 Rick Langston

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Time to Plan for WUSS 2011

Contributed by Ginger Carey and Kathy Valdés, WUSS 2011 Conference Chairs ~ The annual WUSS conference brings hundreds of SAS users and SAS experts together. Whether you are new to the world of SAS or have been using it for years, consider the benefits of attending WUSS 2011 in San

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It never ceases to amaze me how and where Business Analytics can add value. While researching for this week’s post, I came across a story that used the title of this post as a sub heading (OMG, I LUV SCHL!). According to Timothy Darley, Superintendent Granville Country Schools “Our graduation

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Mathematic Czar’s magic begins with statistics

Today’s lunch with Dr. Arthur Benjamin, self-proclaimed mathemagician and Professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, was everything it was hyped to be. Benjamin combines light math puzzling and his lively sense of humor for a show that keeps even an analytical audience entertained. He opened the show with a

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The Code Doctor is in …

Does your SAS code lack energy? Are your macros not 'mending'? Is your data out of sorts? Not to fear, because here at SAS Global Forum, we have emergency treatment for your SAS code. The new Code Doctors section allows you to bring your problematic SAS programs to a SAS