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Students showcase power of open data to help government

Open data is critical to research, particularly at universities. The many university students that attend SAS Global Forum bring an energy and vitality to the conference that is unmistakable. They’re everywhere…in sessions, social activities, out on the town and, of course, the academic events. This year, 150 of them graced

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A closer look at the long tail

Charles Leadbeater, a leading authority on innovation and creativity, headlines his Think Piece on big data and the civic long tail with the phrase “Big data must be opened up to the wisdom of the crowd...” Intriguing - yes, but what does it all mean? His first sentence is almost

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Is open data opening a can of worms?

With the publication of the Demos think piece on the importance of open data for the UK government to effectively engage with its citizens, I wanted to raise the question: How will this data be used effectively? While the UK government should be congratulated on the steps that it is currently