Beverly Brown
Principal Social Media Specialist

Beverly helps SAS users help themselves and one another through SAS Support Communities. In 1994, she started out in public relations roles that include managing corporate PR and assisting SAS executives with media interviews and speaking engagements. Before that, she was a reporter at North Carolina’s largest daily newspapers, The News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer. She has a husband and son and loves to run, which enables her chocolate habit.

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Saint Peter’s University introduces Master’s degree in data science and business analytics

In December, Saint Peter’s University grants Master’s degrees to its inaugural class of data scientists.  36 students are enrolled in this program, and eight are set to graduate.   As reported this year by Bloomberg, career opportunities for analytics talent are excellent. Saint Peter’s is the latest to collaborate with SAS to offer such a program.

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Trust is our operating system

My colleague Allison Lane posed this question in a blog post earlier today: What gives you a sense of awe at SAS? I hesitated to post an answer. I mean, who cares what somebody in public relations says? As an 18-year PR veteran here, I’m not exactly objective. But here’s

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Analytics-powered companies finish best

I jotted down the following fact from a session yesterday at the Disney Analytics & Optimization Summit: Organizations that invest in analytics perform better in the market. That's quite an assertion. Tweetable for sure. But it was a late-afternoon presentation and I was hungry for supper. So I forgot about

Work & Life at SAS
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The dead spot on the front row

Seems I rarely write blog posts unless I'm waiting around for numbers to put in our annual financial-results announcement. Why is that? In the calm before the rush to report revenue, before the new year gets under way, I have time to think. And I start thinking about how great