Need data for school? The SAS Communities Library has a stash


As many as 2,000 new users are registering each month to partake of -- and contribute to -- collective SAS wisdom in the SAS Support Communities.

If you’re beginning your journey to learn SAS, make a habit of stopping by SAS Communities Library to tap a growing treasure trove of fascinating open-source data.

Dig in! open-data

So, where is this data?

Need data for teaching or learning? Get it here!, a library article started by former Analytics U Community Manager Jennifer Scott (and that I now maintain), aggregates links to open data sources from around the world.

The easiest way to find all articles about data sources is to type "Data for learning" in the search field  on the communities home page. The search will return everything we have.

Free Data Friday

You don’t want to miss the latest installment of the Free Data Friday article series. Every Friday, Canadian SAS user Chris Battiston explores an open data set. He walks you through the process of getting the data into SAS University Edition, then shows you how to gain insights from the data.

How to subscribe

Want email notifications when we add new Analytics U content? This would include tips and tricks for using SAS University Edition and SAS OnDemand for Academics. We publish all those articles under the Analytics U label in the communities library.

To subscribe to the Analytics U label:

  • Navigate to the SAS Communities Library (last link in the Find a Community menu.)
  • Click the Analytics U link in the right nav under Labels.
  • Select "Subscribe" from the Options menu (to the right of the blue New Article tile.)

Know of any awesome open data sources? Or have you made interesting discoveries analyzing such data? Share in the comments!


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