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Schnellstatistiken auf die Hand

Die letzten Jahre zeigen deutlich, wie rasant das Datenaufkommen in den Unternehmen wächst. Laut einer Prognose von Statista wird das Volumen der jährlich generierten digitalen Datenmenge weltweit in den kommenden 5 Jahren um das 5-fache (in Exabyte) steigen. Dies stellt sowohl die IT als auch die Fachbereiche vor immense Herausforderungen.

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Why Excel isn’t the solution for health care fraud, waste and abuse investigations

To prepare for the data challenges of 2015 and beyond, health care fraud, waste and abuse investigative units (government funded and commercial insurance plans, alike) need a data management infrastructure that provides access to data across programs, products and channels. This goes well beyond sorting and filtering small sets of

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Who am I to judge?

Tomorrow I'll be taking a few hours away from work to build something important: the self-esteems of a handful of middle-school-aged children. I'm volunteering as a judge in a middle-school science fair. And even though I'm not a scientist ("computer science" isn't a category), I understand enough about physical science

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In the year 9999...

...if man is still alive, will he be importing Excel spreadsheets and wondering why his leap years are off? I received this report from SAS Technical Support, on behalf of a customer who uses SAS Enterprise Guide to import spreadsheet data: The date "12/31/9999" will import as "02Jan****" when reading