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Criminal justice data system speeds prosecutions, helps put offenders away

Much has been written about the value that North Carolina’s Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services (CJLEADS) system has brought the state’s court personnel and law enforcement officers. CJLEADS integrates dozens of NC criminal justice and law enforcement data sets, a vast improvement over the state’s legacy processes. Law

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Big: Data, model, quality and variety

The “big” part of big data is about enabling insights that were previously indiscernible. It's about uncovering small differences that make a big difference in domains as widespread as health care, public health, marketing and business process optimization, law enforcement and cybersecurity – and even the detection of new subatomic particles.

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Agility in data availability

In my recent posts, I've been exploring the issues of integrating data that originates from beyond the organization. But this post looks at a different facet of extra-enterprise data management: data availability. In many organizations, there's a growing trend of making internal analytical data accessible to external consumers. I can

Data Management
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Agility in external data ingestion

In two previous posts (Part 1 and Part 2), I explored some of the challenges of managing data beyond enterprise boundaries. These posts focused on issues around managing and governing extra-enterprise data. Let’s focus a bit on one specific challenge now – satisfying the need for business users to rapidly ingest new data sources. Sophisticated business

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