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Olivier Penel 0
The 5 characteristics of a future-fit, data-driven organisation

Change is the only constant, and it doesn’t happen overnight. This is particularly true in the world of data analytics. As organizations are looking to become more digital, resilient and profitable, executives are going back to the whiteboard to reconsider how they’re using data and analytics to transform their business.

Mauricio González 0
Cómo los datos le permiten tomar mejores decisiones de negocio a las empresas

Usted y su compañía lo hacen todos los días: toman decisiones vitales para responder y adaptarse al entorno en el que se mueven. Para hacerlo, desmenuzan y analizan una gran cantidad de información proveniente de todas las áreas de negocio. Actualmente, un número cada vez mayor de organizaciones aplica innovaciones

Leo Sadovy 0
External data: Radar for your business

How much of your business performance (profit) is driven by external factors versus internal?  A figure of 85% compared to 15% was mentioned at last month’s Manufacturing Analytics Summit, and although I could not find the study mentioned to confirm, it feels about right to me.  Certainly more than half,