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Out with the old, in with the new: 3 strategies for addressing the demise of cookies

The clock is ticking as the end of third-party data is near. Safari and Firefox have eliminated third-party cookies and Google Chrome is not far behind. Below are three steps marketers can take to address the changing cookie landscape: Create moments that matter by providing a digital experience that convinces

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Simplify, secure and speed data access with data virtualization

Data virtualization simplifies increasingly complex data architectures Every few months, another vendor claims one environment will replace all others. We know better. What usually happens is an elongated state of coexistence between traditional technology and the newer, sometimes disruptive one. Eventually, one technology sinks into obsolescence, but it usually takes much longer than we expect. Think of

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Can ESP bridge the data quality gap?

As consumers, the quality of our day is all too often governed by the outcome of computed events. My recent online shopping experience was a great example of how computed events can transpire to make (or break) a relaxing event. We had ordered grocery delivery with a new service provider. Our existing provider

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Integration planning for master data management

A few years ago, I was presenting a morning course on master data management in which I shared some thoughts about some of the barriers to success in transitioning the use of a developed master data management index and repository into production systems. During the coffee break, an attendee mentioned

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MDM Foundations: Adding data governance to get to MDM

In my previous post, I outlined the main components needed for a phased approach to MDM. Now, let's talk about some of the other issues around approaching MDM: data governance and the move to enterprise MDM. Where does governance come in? Throughout your MDM program, it's important that deep expertise