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SAS is known for its world-class technical support and its high customer satisfaction rating (95%!). But, since our goal is to continuously improve, we are implementing a number of initiatives to further enhance the customer experience. I’ll describe some of the ways that we want to better serve you in this blog post.

The new customer portal is coming

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the new customer portal is underway. For an update, see A modernized customer experience is on its way.

Knowledge is key

Industry trends clearly show that knowledge is key, especially with the increase in use of generative AI technologies. At SAS, we’re prioritizing knowledge. To help us grow in this area, we recently hired Andrea Hughes as a knowledge manager, who shared the following:

“When you need help using SAS technology, is your self-help experience easy, intuitive, and seamless?

As Kimberly mentioned, a SAS worthy knowledge strategy is on the horizon and will help improve your digital self-help journey. SAS Tech Support will start to adopt improved knowledge-focused tools and processes that will allow our customers and partners to tap into a variety of digital resources powered by a Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) method. This method is based on continuous improvement to optimize relevancy over time. This transformation will build a continuum of poignant sharing and reward those who optimize what they learn through customer interactions. We will measure and adjust for optimal efficiency along the way.

Although I’ve been on board for just over 1 month, I’ve observed a rich history of enthusiastic collaboration and an environment full of problem-solving pride. I am honored to be part of the exciting journey ahead, and I look forward to gaining insight and feedback from our global customers and partners along the way!”

Tech Support Policies page design

Speaking of knowledge, we want you to be able to quickly find the information that you need to understand our support policies. We listened to your feedback that our previous design had too many pull-down menus and too much information to read through. To better enable you to quickly find the information you need for the platform that you are using, we have modernized and created a landing page for our SAS Technical Support Policies. Please check it out and provide feedback if something isn’t clear.


Yet another way that we are trying to better serve you is by using surveys. If you get a survey from us, please take the time to give us feedback. We do our best to follow up on surveys because we value your feedback and want to make your experience better.

Phase 2 of the phone transition

Some software companies are limiting the ways that you can contact them by focusing on digital communication. At SAS, we want you to be able to contact us via the channel of your choice—portal, chat, email, or phone. So, in addition to modernizing our digital communication, we are also upgrading our phones to a global, cloud-based system so that your call will connect you with a specialist as quickly as possible. Currently, about half of our Tech Support Engineers (TSEs) are using the global cloud phone system. We’ve made this transition with no interruption in phone service. Over the next few months, we are phasing the rest of the TSEs to this system. We’ll keep you posted about our progress.

New training being launched

SAS Tech Support is also different because we focus on offering our TSEs the latest and best training so that they can increase their technical abilities and better serve our customers. This year, we have created a new internal training site for our TSEs to more easily leverage available resources, which includes brand new cloud training.

Always improving

The points that I covered in this blog post are only the customer-facing improvements. Internally, we are working on more initiatives to modernize, leverage each other’s talents, and grow our knowledge and capabilities. Our mission has always been to help you effectively use our software to achieve your goals. We plan to continue doing that and make your experience even better going forward.


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Kimberly May

Senior Vice President, SAS Global Technical Support

Kimberly May, Senior Vice President of Global Technical Support at SAS, has developed a keen insight into customer relationships during her 24 years of leadership experience in the software field. She balances her passions for an excellent customer experience and a satisfied, high-performing staff by creating an exceptional support model. This dynamic model enables customers to use multiple channels, such as social forums and chat, to address their issues and leverages staff expertise to create robust online resources. Understanding that change is the nature of business today, Kimberly fosters a collaborative work environment in which experts leverage each other's knowledge to efficiently address customers' issues and to continuously learn.

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