Michael Thomas
Sr Systems Architect

Michael Thomas, Senior Systems Architect at SAS. He holds two patents on high throughput visualization of real-time streaming analytics. He is the author of three books, several papers for SAS Global Forum and several articles. He is also a long time member of the SAS Chess Club.

Data Visualization
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Immersive analytics: yes or no?

I’m drawn to immersive analytics (IA) because it covers areas I’ve been looking at since 2012, and have been publishing on since early 2014, like virtual reality and data worlds. I’m retroactively applying the cool new term IA (not to be confused with AI for artificial intelligence) to all of my activities

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Teamwork at the 2015 NC K-12 Chess Championship

Chess as a team sport? Sure, it’s like singles tennis as a team sport: the team score is an aggregate of individual results. Team chess is everywhere from local three-round weekend afternoon chess tournaments to the biennial Chess Olympiad where national chess teams compete for the Hamilton-Russell Cup. Just like tennis teams, chess

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Chess champions, STEM champions

Imagine this: hundreds of fun-loving K-12 students excitedly converge in a large ballroom for their weekend adventure. They are mostly elementary school students and there is no shortage of kindergartners. The day's fun? Quietly solving and creating Renaissance-era logical and mathematical puzzles! Some pairs of puzzle solvers will concentrate for an

Internet of Things
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Reality++ fueled by IoT

It's an exciting time for reality! We've been technologically enhancing reality for a long time -- eye glasses, telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, photography, moving pictures, live streaming video over the Internet, etc. But whether it's augmented reality, virtual reality or somewhere in between, a new wave of eye wear technology is

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Growing the IoT at the US Masters Chess Championship

What's the path to becoming a young Grandmaster for a student chess player like 13-year-old almost-grandmaster Samuel Sevian or the top 11 year old in the world Awonder Liang? Their paths included the recent US Masters Chess Championship in Greensboro, NC over the weekend of Aug 28th-Sept 1st, 2014. Like the

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