Michael Thomas
Sr Systems Architect

Michael Thomas, Senior Systems Architect at SAS. He holds two patents on high throughput visualization of real-time streaming analytics. He is the author of three books, several papers for SAS Global Forum and several articles. He is also a long time member of the SAS Chess Club.

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Scholastic chess clubs: 10 reasons why

Chess in the classroom? Teachers and parents have discovered the educational benefits, and the trend is growing rapidly.  And they are in good company. On June 13th, 2014, Bono called his time as a scholastic chess player as his  "... greatest childhood pleasure. In Ballymun we had a chess club,

Advanced Analytics
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Big data in your face

If you've followed technology news in the last few weeks, you've probably seen a proliferation of awestruck faces wearing blacked out goggles, similar to the image I'm using here. The goggles are Oculus Rift immersive VR headsets, and the news is the $2 billion dollar acquisition of Oculus by Facebook.

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Scholastic chess: A gateway to STEM education

For a lot of North Carolina chess families, this past weekend was action-packed. It was the 40th North Carolina K-12 Chess Championship, a three day event hosted by Chess Achieves and sponsored by SAS. Many families drove in on Friday from as far away as the mountains in the west and