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Advanced Analytics – mehr Effizienz in der Steuerverwaltung

Die Steuerbehörden sind wahrscheinlich nicht jedermanns Lieblingsorganisationen. Aber überall auf der Welt spielen sie eine Schlüsselrolle bei der Erhebung von Einnahmen, die es den Regierungen ermöglichen, Geld für wichtige öffentliche Dienstleistungen auszugeben. Man braucht nur die Medienberichterstattung über die Steuerhinterziehung einiger großer Technologieunternehmen zu lesen und die dazugehörigen Bemühungen der

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Someone is in your system right now

Companies and public entities are taking unprecedented measures to prevent data breach. But what happens once the system has been penetrated? Companies and governments are allocating significant resources to data security. However, with data breaches becoming increasingly commonplace, we are faced with questions about how to handle the situation. Analytics

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5 profetior för framtidens offentliga sektor

Beslut grundade på förutsägbara insikter, individanpassad medborgarservice och en stor brist på big data scientists. Det är några saker som kännetecknar framtidens offentliga sektor. De senaste årtiondena har offentlig sektor spenderat miljarder på att digitalisera verksamheten men det är först nu som man har börjat ta tillvara på möjligheterna i

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Big data in an age of uncertainty

In recent times, Britain has increasingly developed an "inquiry culture." Whenever there’s malpractice or a scandal – be it the Leveson inquiry or the recent investigation into the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust – an inquiry serves to give citizens, public leaders and governing bodies an explanation of how and

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SAS around the world

Earlier this week, I had a quick meeting with Mikael Hagström, our VP of Operations for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. As you might imagine, he has a pretty good handle on the use of business analytics around the world. Mikael provided some good suggestions on content for

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Specifying for programme failure

I've been spending the last few months working on a major business transformation programme, and it's an exciting place to be. As part of the steep learning curve involved in adapting a generic approach to something specific for the programme I find myself occasionally having an "ah ha!" moment -

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SAS in the class -- on demand

SAS has a rich heritage in academia, and we know that lots of colleges (and even some high schools) use SAS to teach students statistics and research methods. Now SAS (the company) has made it easier for professors to offer courses that use SAS. This fall, SAS offers the SAS

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BI in the public sector

I've read lots of coverage recently about the new Butler Group report that says public sector agencies could be making better use of business intelligence. That's good to know and not too surprising - but how? Peter Dorrington, head of industry marketing strategy at SAS UK, has a few ideas.