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Why analytical models are better with better data

Most enterprises employ multiple analytical models in their business intelligence applications and decision-making processes. These analytical models include descriptive analytics that help the organization understand what has happened and what is happening now, predictive analytics that determine the probability of what will happen next, and prescriptive analytics that focus on

Data Management
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How do you measure the value of data governance?

Data governance plays an integral role in many enterprise information initiatives, such as data quality, master data management and analytics. It requires coordinating a complex combination of factors, including executive sponsorship, funding, decision rights, arbitration of conflicting priorities, policy definition, policy implementation, data stewardship and change management. With so much overhead involved in

Data Management
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How do you define data governance?

Data governance has been the topic of many of the recent posts here on the Data Roundtable. And rightfully so, since data governance plays such an integral role in the success of many enterprise information initiatives – such as data quality, master data management and analytics. These posts can help you prepare for discussing

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Clean-up woman: Part 1

If your enterprise is working with Hadoop, MongoDB or other nontraditional databases, then you need to evaluate your data strategy. A data strategy must adapt to current data trends based on business requirements. So am I still the clean-up woman? The answer is YES! I still work on the quality of the data.

Don't let your data warehouse be a data labyrinth!

Auditability and data quality are two of the most important demands on a data warehouse. Why? Because reliable data processes ensure the accuracy of your analytical applications and statistical reports. Using a standard data model enhances auditability and data quality of your data warehouse implementation for business analytics.

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Recht auf Vergessen und Portabilität – die neue Datenschutzverordnung und ihre Folgen

Das „Recht auf Vergessen“ hat nichts mit der Demenzerkrankung Alzheimer tun und betrifft auch nicht nur Personen im fortgeschrittenen Alter. Das „Recht auf Vergessen“ und „Portabilität“ bezeichnen Rechte im Rahmen der neuen europäischen Datenschutzverordnung, die nach vier Jahren Arbeit die nun doch schon 20 Jahren alte Verordnung ablöst, und die

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Big: Data, model, quality and variety

The “big” part of big data is about enabling insights that were previously indiscernible. It's about uncovering small differences that make a big difference in domains as widespread as health care, public health, marketing and business process optimization, law enforcement and cybersecurity – and even the detection of new subatomic particles.

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MDM intersections, Part 1: Data quality

Master data management (MDM) is distinct from other data management disciplines due to its primary focus on giving the enterprise a single view of the master data that represents key business entities, such as parties, products, locations and assets. MDM achieves this by standardizing, matching and consolidating common data elements across traditional and big

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Data Governance - pierwsze kroki - część 4 z 4

Na tym etapie nasza organizacja posiada określone dla programu Data Governance cele biznesowe oraz zarządza i współdzieli definicje pojęć biznesowych, którymi się posługuje. Ten logiczny obszar zarządzania danymi i informacją uzupełniony został o pomost do metadanych technicznych - w poprzednim kroku uzyskaliśmy jedno miejsce łączące informacje o technicznym przepływie danych w organizacji

Data Management
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Where should data quality happen?

In my previous post I discussed the practice of putting data quality processes as close to data sources as possible. Historically this meant data quality happened during data integration in preparation for loading quality data into an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) or a master data management (MDM) hub. Nowadays, however, there’s a lot of

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