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Flock together at Birds-of-a-Feather sessions

Have you heard fellow attendees talking about the “BOFs” and wondered what language they were speaking? The BOFs (Birds-of-a-Feather sessions) are informal discussion groups that give you the opportunity to meet up with other SAS® users and staff who share your specific interests. The BOFs will be held on the

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SAS presenters series

In the short time that I've been with SAS, I've had the pleasure of talking to many SAS users, developers and programmers, and I've had more than a few conversations with the men and women who work in SAS technical support. One of the things that's amused me is how

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C U @ #SGF09

Right now I'm packing up my materials for SAS Global Forum. It's actually a lot easier than it used to be. My first SAS conference was SUGI 21 (1996), and we didn't have personal laptop computers or USB drives or fast network connections. Machines were staged weeks ahead of time

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Fun Stuff in the SAS Demo Area

By now even the “Secret” truck has left the SAS Worldwide headquarters in Cary, NC for the drive to Washington, DC. (The “non-Secret” truck began its six hour journey to the conference site last Friday, March 13.) As in previous years, we have more than one truck leaving from SAS

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SAS Global Forum Hits the Airwaves

If you’re local to the Washington, DC area, you may have heard some radio promotions about SAS Global Forum. It only takes 30 seconds to hear how SAS can help the new administration. Government employees can use the discount code GOVELBD09 to qualify for the special $700 registration rate to

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By Plane, Train, Automobile, or ...

As we learned from SAS program manager Donna Daniels, in Episode 2 of Inside SAS Global Forum, there are lots of ways to get to SAS Global Forum this year. In addition to the usual modes of transportation, you can take the King Street Metro Station and shuttle from there,

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Inside SAS Global Forum: Ep. 2 - Donna Daniels

Donna Daniels, the SAS program manager for SAS Global Forum, talks about lessons learned from last year's conference and what's new for 2009. Learn more about the exciting new venue and location for this year's conference, the Gaylord National® Resort and Convention Center on the National Harbor outside Washington, DC.

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The original tweeter

Before it was considered cool to tweet information to the world, SAS users who were hungry for inside information came to rely on a Little Birdie -- as in "a Little Birdie told me..." sasCommunity.org has a nice history of the Little Birdie. The article mentions the "Jurassic period"; does

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Guess Who’s Coming to SAS Global Forum?

In just nineteen days, SAS users from around the world will be convening in Washington, DC. The countries from outside of the U.S. with the most registrants are Canada, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Top industries include Government, Education, Consulting & Systems Integration, Pharmaceutical, and Insurance. You can use the social

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Announcing Inside SAS Global Forum series

We're glad to announce that we're going to launch our Inside SAS Global Forum video series again this year! Alan Hoffler will be back as our roving reporter, providing that fun, informative and sometimes irreverant, behind-the-scenes look at this important SAS users conference. You may have caught our behind-the-scenes video reports from SAS Global Forum last year

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Map Your Course for SAS Global Forum 2009

I can vividly recall my first SAS Global Forum (it was SUGI back then).  The year was 1996, the city -  Chicago, and it was COLD. We used to have a “Fun Run/Walk” as part of the conference activities, and we literally ran on the snow along Lake Michigan. Some of our attendees

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I am not an expert

"Marketing is a discipline in a period of great change of which it is still evolving." That was the opening sentence of a cover letter I received a decade or so ago when I was hiring a marketing communications coordinator at a previous company. Despite managing the difficult rhetorical feat

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