Five Questions for Conference Chair Lori Griffin


My thanks to Lori for taking the time to respond to my questions during this last-minute rush towards SAS Global Forum.

1.) What was your first car?
The first car I bought was actually a bright yellow Toyota truck that had monster you didn't see that one coming -- actually you could see the truck coming!

2.) How many times have you been to SAS Global Forum, and what was your most memorable experience so far?
This year is my 17th year attending SAS Global Forum. Each year is memorable in its own way, but I would like to mention two memorable events. The first event is one very early in my attendee experience when I won the SUGI20 SAS/GRAPH Competition. I was hooked after that! The second was when I was selected as the SAS Global Forum 2009 Conference Chair. I am proud to have the opportunity to lead the conference this year - it has been a very rewarding experience.

3.) How has SAS Global Forum changed over the years?
The conference is always changing with the times and evolving to meet the needs of the SAS user community. The name change is a good example - the "new name" better represents the Global reach of the conference.

4.) What new things can SAS users expect to see at SAS Global Forum this year?
Here are just a few: We added the Code Doctors section, in an effort to provide programming assistance to our attendees; We brought back the Government and Education Industry Solutions sections; We added the Career Connections Day, which gives attendees an opportunity to talk about career opportunities.

5.) What words of wisdom do you have for next year’s chair, Lauren Haworth?
I would encourage Lauren to continue making changes that help address the current economic environment, to continue moving forward with our established green initiatives, bring social networking to the next level, create a great SAS Global Forum conference experience, and last but not least - have fun and enjoy every minute along the way!


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