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Stop me before I demo again

Yesterday (Monday) was an incredibly busy day for me at SAS Global Forum. It began with a successful Technical Session where SAS R&D staffers showed off: the new features coming in SAS/STAT (with the 9.22 /nine-twenty-two/ release) SAS Enterprise Miner with the Rapid Predictive Modeler (hosted in SAS Enterprise Guide

SAS Events
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SAS Social Media Analytics Press Launch Event

Dave Thomas reports from the SAS Social Media Analytics Press Launch Event held at SAS Global Forum in Seattle. Dave gets feedback from bloggers, journalists, influencers and analysts in attendance including Paul Greenberg, Wayne Sutton, Justin Levy, Katie Paine and more. Web Links:YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYozcF0BMAw SAS.com:http://www.sas.com/apps/webnet/SGF2010VideoBlog/index.html?videoID=isgf10episode7

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Technology Connection Reloaded

One of the events I look forward to every year is the unveiling of a year’s worth of SAS R&D’s magic. It occurs during the SAS Global Forum Technology Connection. Today’s show was all we could have hoped it would be! We heard from some SAS software, technology and statistics

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The SASware votes are in

SAS Vice President of Technical Support Annette Harris announced the features that will be added to SAS software and solutions as voted on by users through the SASware® Ballot. “Jim Goodnight always stresses the importance of listening to you, our users, and to be receptive to your ideas and suggestions,”

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The numbers are in, and look who’s here!

If you’re at SAS Global Forum 2010, you’re in good company. This year’s conference attracted more than 3,000 attendees, with 20 percent travelling to Seattle from outside the US. Here’s a quick breakdown of the top 10 countries represented outside of the US: Canada: 182 Denmark: 49 Netherlands: 42 Brazil:

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Meet the 2010 User Feedback Award Winner: Monika Nauroth

Company: Santander Consumer Bank in Germany Title: Analytical Risk Expert Job responsibility: Developing risk scorecards Products: SAS Credit Scoring for Banking, SAS Enterprise Miner Thanks to her suggestions, bug reports and willingness to ask “What if?” Monika Nauroth helped SAS isolate problems and greatly improve usability and functionality in SAS

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Four award-winning SAS implementations

Meet the 2010 Enterprise Excellence Award Winners Want to cut processing time from hours to seconds? Save millions in operating costs? Then take a lesson from our 2010 Enterprise Excellence Award winners. Congratulations to these outstanding SAS customers who each took the stage last night to describe what they’ve accomplished

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SAS programming for the faint of heart

When we published the first edition of SAS For Dummies a couple of years ago, we received feedback from readers around the topic of SAS programming. In the book's introduction, we stated that the book doesn't cover the SAS programming language, but that there are many other fine books that

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Talking about analytics

In a recent Datamation article, "Business Intelligence Software and Predictive Analytics," Jeff Vance asks, "What exactly is predictive analytics?" His answer, in part: "Take traditional business intelligence, combine it with data mining and add on statistical analysis and you have predictive analytics. Math geeks will squabble over the nuances, say,

SAS Events
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It's Time for Inside SAS Global Forum

Co-hosts Dave Thomas and Waynette Tubbs kick off the behind-the-scenes look at SAS Global Forum 2010.  Learn all about the conference's social media plans and how to submit your suggestions story ideas. Web Links:YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_UJexoD20 SAS.com:http://www.sas.com/apps/webnet/SGF2010VideoBlog/index.html?videoID=isgf10episode1

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Less me, more blog

For the past 9 months I’ve been sharing my insights into pre-conference planning, and now things are really ramping up for SAS Global Forum. What does that mean for blog readers? You’ll likely see fewer posts from me – but more from some of my fellow SAS bloggers: • Anne-Lindsay

Programming Tips
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In the year 9999...

...if man is still alive, will he be importing Excel spreadsheets and wondering why his leap years are off? I received this report from SAS Technical Support, on behalf of a customer who uses SAS Enterprise Guide to import spreadsheet data: The date "12/31/9999" will import as "02Jan****" when reading

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The writing’s on the wall

I guess we’ve said it thousands of times in thousands of ways: SAS Global Forum is a meeting place. It’s a great opportunity to discuss SAS software and make connections with others who have similar interests and objectives. I can hear what you’re thinking: In this advanced communications age, many

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Networking or working the Net?

There was a time when climbing the social and professional ladder meant you had to join the right clubs and shake the right hands. Effective networkers smiled at all of the right jokes, went to this party but not that and handed out business cards like a politician hands out

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