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Lots of people have embraced social media, including blogs, social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) and "microblogging" platforms like Twitter. A recent Nielsen study shows that social networks have actually overtaken email.

Fine, but what if you're still trying to figure out the World Wide Web? Don't despair. The world of social media isn't that complicated when you break it down. That's just what I'm planning to do at SAS Global Forum, and I hope you'll join me.

SAS has embraced social media, and we're working on our strategy for incorporating it into our communications. (That's my new job, actually.) If you'd like to spend an hour talking about what these different channels are, why they might be useful for you and how to get started, come to Maryland 3 on Monday or Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. Bring your questions. I've got some information to share but I'm also ready to talk about whatever interests you.


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  1. I love this article!
    I learned a lot from this article about marketing, it seems i am also marketing student. It adds more thoughts, ideas and techniques on becoming a good marketing manager as well.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. I would also add executive sponsorship. This is best achieved by understanding that any online marketing effort must by in sync with the corporate marketing strategy NOT a paralell effort.

  3. Kathleen Schaub on

    Justin and Adele,
    Thanks for highlighting this post from my blog and for your additional insights. The Eight Skills post was very popular. I particularly like the addition you made of "collaboration". Leadership is a constant need. Creativity in marking - absolutely. But collaboration is not as intuitive. We're going to see more about this soft skill as more marketers start to think about sales enablement and agile marketing.
    /Kathleen Schaub

  4. Adele Sweetwood on

    Hi Kathleen,
    Thank YOU for the original direction and the great blog post! We are no doubt in the midst of redefining the practice of marketing. And there is so much opportunity for marketers. You are correct-- collaboration is not as intuitive and it is often forgotten. Collaboration has to be ingrained in the culture and modeled by leadership.
    Thanks Again-- Adele

  5. Franz Reinthaler on

    Leadership is a constant need. Creativity in marking - absolutely. But collaboration is not as intuitive

  6. Judy Allenby on

    Marketing as everything, is changing so rapidly it's hard to keep up. Thank you for your work creating the eight skills especially your concentration on collaboration...it is so often the forgotten skill.

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  8. Subodh Gupta on

    Very good write, people have the skill but some time they don't not aware of terms. it also help to design the resume or appearing for interview

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