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Blogs by SAS Community - Google Reader Bundle

Here is my published Google Reader bundle that contains all of the SAS- or analytics-related blogs that are maintained by customers or others in the SAS community (excepting those by SAS employees, for which I have a different bundle). Blogs by SAS Customers AFHood Analytics Group - Blogs AnnMaria's Blog

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Diane Hatcher has SASonality

In this ongoing series about people with SASonality, today’s introduction is Diane Hatcher, a Solutions Architect from SAS Technology Practice. Diane and I had exchanged e-mails many times before meeting face-to-face for the first time at SESUG 2010. Every time I passed through the SAS Solutions Center, I noticed that

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Build vs. Buy

It seems like each week brings news announcing yet another software vendor acquisition by one of the giant software conglomerates. This approach of purchasing a specific capability to fit into the ever growing portfolio of technology does not show signs of stopping in the near future. Matter of fact, several

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