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Don Henderson has SASonality

In the months leading up to SAS Global Forum 2011, I want to give you a chance to get to know some SAS friends just a little bit better. I made my own list of people who have SASonality. SASonality means you have a love for SAS users, innovate with

Programming Tips
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Why Can't SAS Read My CSV file?

Many SAS users receive data in the form of CSV (Comma Separated Value) files, and need to convert them to SAS data sets. A typical record in a CSV file might look like this: Jeter,Derek,1995,,234,”22,600,000” Note the following about the record above: There is no data for the fourth field,

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Don’t take my word for it: analytics is hot

Analytics is the hot new buzzword at the TeleManagement Forum (TMForum). Because I am the Communications Industry Marketing Manager for SAS, you would expect me to return from last week’s TMForum Management World conference with tales about the importance of analytics in the telecommunications industry. But I'm not the only

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Warm and Fuzzy

I am just now returning to the office, having spent 3 days in Austin, Texas, attending the South Central SAS Users Group (SCSUG) Educational Forum. The conference was a big success, and I could literally feel the energy in the air. Thanks to the dedication of the executive committee, conference

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Putting the "Guide" in Enterprise Guide

Some of you will remember that in the very early versions of SAS Enterprise Guide, we introduced a unique approach to helping you to learn SAS: an animated "agent" who could suggest your next steps within your project. We furloughed the agent (who appeared usually as a wizard, genie, or

Learn SAS
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Smart Cats with blogs on stats

Let's face it: ever since cats learned how to access the Internet, they've managed to besmirch their prestigious status as the "smarter-if-a-bit-aloof" pet. They've starred in many demeaning YouTube videos, bringing shame to their species for the sake of some cheap laughs. But I'm here to tell you: there are

Advanced Analytics
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Sampling with replacement

Sampling with replacement is a useful technique for simulations and for resampling from data. Over at the SAS/IML Discussion Forum, there was a recent question about how to use SAS/IML software to sample with replacement from a set of events. I have previously blogged about efficient sampling, but this topic

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