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Two perspectives on numerical integration

To a numerical analyst, numerical integration has two meanings. Numerical integration often means solving a definite integral such as \(\int_{a}^b f(s) \, ds\). Numerical integration is also called quadrature because it computes areas. The other meaning applies to solving ordinary differential equations (ODEs). My article about new methods for solving

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The McNemar test in SAS

What is McNemar's test? How do you run the McNemar test in SAS? Why might other statistical software report a value for McNemar's test that is different from the SAS value? SAS supports an exact version of the McNemar test, but when should you use it? This article answers these

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Pascal matrices and inverses

Some matrices are so special that they have names. The identity matrix is the most famous, but many are named after a researcher who studied them such as the Hadamard, Hilbert, Sylvester, Toeplitz, and Vandermonde matrices. This article is about the Pascal matrix, which is formed by using elements from

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