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Data Visualization
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Polar Graph

There are many situations where it is beneficial to display the data using a polar graph.  Often your data may contain directional information.  Or, the data may be cyclic in nature, with information over time by weeks, or years.  The simple solution is to display the directional or time data

Data Visualization
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A Better AE Timeline

Back in February, I posted an article on creating Adverse Event Timeline Graph.  In the SAS 9.2 version (first one), one item that was less than ideal was the way to position the AE names to the left of the event.  The AE names are displayed using the scatter plot statement

Data Visualization
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Simpler is better

A recent article in the SAS and R blog was about current winter temperatures in Albany, NY.  The temperature data for the recent winter (Dec 2011 - Mar 2012) was plotted on a polar graph. Robert Allison posted an article on displaying the same data as a Polar Graph using SAS/GRAPH .  Here is his

Data Visualization
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Adding a spark to your data

When viewing time series data, often we only want to see the trend in the data over time and we are not so concerned about the actual data values.  With multiple time series plots, forecasting software can find clusters to help us view series with similar trends. Recently I saw a graph showing the trend of unemployment