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Using Python to run jobs in your SAS Grid

One of the features of SAS Grid Manager (and SAS Grid Manager for Platform) introduced in SAS 9.4 M6 is the capability for the grid provider software to handle open-source workloads in addition to traditional SAS jobs. In this post, we’ll take a look at the steps required to get your SAS Grid Manager environment set up to utilize this functionality, and we’ll demonstrate the process of submitting Python code for execution in the SAS Grid.

SAS Administrators
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To grid or not to grid?

Let’s be honest.  When well planned, a SAS Grid Computing platform as the basis for a shared, highly available, high-performance analytics environment can pay for itself many times over. However, it is critical that your overall objectives and computing environment be well understood for you to achieve success with your

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Resources for SAS Administrators at SAS Global Forum 2017 … and beyond

Editor's note (4/11/17): Full proceedings from SAS Global Forum 2017 (including for the presentations mentioned in this blog) can be found at SAS Global Forum 2017 is just a month away and, if you’re a SAS administrator, it’s a great place to meet your peers, share your experiences and attend

SAS Events
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SGF2016: Hadoop関連セッション・論文(SAS社員編)

SAS Global Forum 2016のユーザープログラムでの発表論文を、”Hadoop”というキーワードで検索し、SAS on Hadoop関連の発表・論文を集めてみました。ざっと見たところ、SAS on Hadoopソリューションにまつわる全ての話題が網羅されていると感じます。 SAS Global Forum 2016 Proceedings – Hadoop 関連のSAS社員による講演・論文 SAS® and Hadoop: The 5th Annual State of the Union 9.4M3で実現しているSASとHadoopの連携について概説。2014年には、SAS Forum Japanでも登壇した、Paul Kentが語ります。   Introducing - SAS® Grid Manager for Hadoop Grid ManagerのHadoop版の話です。 Deep Dive with SAS® Studio into SAS® Grid Manager 9.4 SAS

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