SAS Grid Manager and SAS Viya: A Strong Relationship


As SAS Viya adoption increases among customers, many discover that it fits perfectly alongside their existing SAS implementations, which can be integrated and kept running until major projects have been migrated over. Conversely, SAS Grid Manager has been deployed during the past years to countless production sites. Because SAS Viya provides distributed computing capabilities, customers wonder how it compares to SAS Grid Manager.

SAS® Grid Manager and SAS® Viya® implement distributed computing according to different computational patterns. They can complement each other in providing a highly available and scalable environment to process large volumes of data and produce rapid results. At a high level, the questions we get the most from SAS customers can be summarized in four categories:

  1. I have SAS Viya and SAS Grid Manager. How can I get the most value from using them together?
  2. I have SAS Viya. Can I get any additional benefits by also implementing SAS Grid Manager?
  3. I have SAS Grid Manager. Should I move to SAS Viya?
  4. I am starting a new project. Which platform should I use - SAS Viya or SAS Grid Manager?

To better understand how to get the most from both an architecture and an administration perspective, I answer these questions and more in my SGF 2020 paper SAS® Grid Manager and SAS® Viya®: A Strong Relationship, and its accompanying YouTube video:

I’ve also written a three-part series with more details:


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Edoardo Riva is a Principal Technical Architect in the Global Enablement and Learning (GEL) Team within SAS R&D's Global Technical Enablement Division.

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