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Exzellente Prognosen für 2013!

Der 21.12.2012 liegt einen Monat zurück und Sie können diesen Beitrag lesen. Das bedeutet: Wahrscheinlich ist die Welt auch in Ihrer Region nicht untergegangen. Und wie so oft, haben wir auch das souverän vorhergesehen. Mit der Vorhersage von Ereignissen ist das so eine Sache: Wir glauben, dass wir uns besser

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Are your applications designed tactically or strategically?

Organizations must find the right balance between tactical use of their data and strategic use of their data.  The following statement encapsulates the difference between an application that was primarily designed from a tactical perspective versus a strategic one.: "Thanks, you delivered what I asked for (tactical), but not what I

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Jim Goodnight on the secrets of big data computing

When SAS CEO Jim Goodnight talks about the development of SAS High-Performance Analytics, he always starts with the customer. After all, it was banking customer UOB in Singapore that first approached Goodnight three years ago about reducing the time it took to calculate risk factors on the bank's full portfolio.

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To BI and beyond: A BI primer

I remarked in an earlier post (“BI and Better Decisions”) that, prior to joining SAS, while I understood analytics and performance management just fine, the phrase ‘business intelligence’ was not in my vocabulary”.  Turns out I’m not the only finance professional so inflicted.  I was invited last week to give a

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Surfing the disturbance

The future of business is the martial arts CEO, the jujitsu strategist.  Far too many organizations approach business with an American football mentality, complete with scripted plays, huddles and time outs, but the real world isn’t quite so convenient and accommodating.  The real business world is 7x24 with no time outs

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SAS Global Forum Tech Talks II

  In this second Tech Talks chat, Chris Hemedinger talked with R&D staffers about SAS Visual Analytics Explorer, SAS iPad apps, and some really cool "From the labs." Check out his talk with Nascif Abousalh-Neto, Manager of SAS BI Visualization R&D; Scott McQuiggan, Manager of SAS BI Mobile R&D; and

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Conversational analytics

When you begin your career your most important skills are your hard, technical skills; the finance and accounting, the statistics and economics, the physics and chemistry, the engineering and calculus.  But as I tell my business school mentees, as your career progresses, the emphasis changes such that much sooner than

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So many WOWs…in so little time

I remember the first time I saw a Cirque du Soleil® performance—the artistry, the split-second timing, that repeating sense of WOW.  I was an instant fan. Funny… but I got that same sense of awe the first time I saw a demo of SAS® Visual Analytics.  I’d read the project

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