So many WOWs…in so little time


I remember the first time I saw a Cirque du Soleil® performance—the artistry, the split-second timing, that repeating sense of WOW.  I was an instant fan.

Funny… but I got that same sense of awe the first time I saw a demo of SAS® Visual Analytics I’d read the project plan for this incredible solution that delivers actionable insights from massive amounts of data.  But, until I saw it work, visualizing real data — and realized that you don’t have to be a seasoned IT performer to accomplish incredible feats of analytic insight on incredible amounts of data—did the WOW set in.

Picture it…

Dragging a geographic category will render a data visualization that shows a map with bubbles for each category value. The map will allow the user to zoom and pan and will automatically adjust based on the number of bubbles and geographic information in the data.

Billions of rows of data.

Each with many, many columns.

Analyzed all at once around a hundred correlation calculations.

All in 10 seconds.  

…then select some different data items and do it all over again.  Just as fast. Visualizing data at levels you never imagined.

Like any ardent fan, I’m telling anyone and everyone:  you have to see SAS Visual Analytics!

The SAS Visual Analytics Designer provides an easy and interactive way to create and publish reports to the Web, PDFs or an Apple iPad.



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