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Our birthday gift to customers

A popular custom among the diminutive hobbits of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth was giving away presents on their birthdays instead of receiving them. This week, SAS toasted its birthday, celebrating 35 years as an analytic innovator, by giving its customers a gift: the latest version of SAS analytics and data management

Analytics | Data Management
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Companies are finding the most profitable growth opportunities

In this panel discussion, a diverse group of companies from different industries are finding profitable growth opportunities through analytics. We’re joined by: Jim Foreman, Director of Circulation Analytic, Staples Halina Karachuk, VP Innovation, AXA Equitable Life Barb Buettin, Director, CRM – Enterprise Information Management, Chico’s Nelle Schantz, Sr. Marketing Director,

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Risk management: The first step is data

Today, financial services organizations are swamped in data because of regulatory requirements, years of rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions, and Internet-accessible data. This flood has many firms struggling with disparate sources and varying degrees of data quality. There are several reasons your organization might choose to integrate its data, including,

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Five questions with Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams is a Project Manager for Environmental Sustainability at SAS. What are you working on right now? There is so much going on…. No two days are ever quite the same. Some of my priority projects include: Balancing expectations of employees so passionate about stewardship while giving fair consideration

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