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Meg Crawford is the Social Media Marketing and Digital Strategist at SAS, where she works on integrating social media/digital components into marketing campaigns. Meg contributes to the Customer Analytics blog covering all things social and tech related...including SEO, content creation, and network marketing. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Technology and Communications at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Connect with Meg on Twitter at: @Postgrad

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Critical Information: 8:30 - 11:30 PM tonight SAS Global Forum Attendees and guests ONLY Drink tickets given at the door Tonight, ultralounge and Las Vegas behemoth, PURE Nightclub opens its doors to SAS Global Forum 2011...and guess what? THERE'S NO LINE! (Ok, maybe a small line). Join us for what

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Watch for the red vests

~Contributed by Stacy Hobson, Director of Customer Retention, SAS~ While you are at the SAS Support and Demo Area, watch for the red vests. You are going to want to meet the SAS Customer Loyalty team wearing them, as they will have a wealth of resources available to you. The

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Tyler Smith on Data Mining and OR

Recently we reached out to Tyler Smith, who has been involved in the SAS users community through local, regional, and international meetings for a number of years, and pick his brain about the conference. Tyler has used SAS for nearly 20 years and received multiple invitations to speak at SAS

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SAS in a Connected World

Pete Lund has been an active leader with SAS Global Forum for many, many years. This year he is the Section Chair for the brand new Social Media & Networking Section (being a Social Media Specialist, I personally cannot wait for this track). Pete provided us with some feedback about

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SAS Global Forum 2011...Join Us in Vegas!

Increase the odds of winning for you and your company in 2011 by attending SAS Global Forum at Caesar’s Palace, April 4-7, in Las Vegas. For the past 36 years, this conference has attracted over 3,000 SAS users and over 400 SAS professionals from across the globe. It’s a sure