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Marje Fecht has been an active SAS User and SAS Conference participant and leader for over 30 years.

This year, she is the Section Chair for the brand new Enterprise Guide Section and for the Travel, Hospitality, and Entertainment section. She has provided some great highlights on these sections..

Do you have complex deliverables and limited experience with SAS for delivering?

Or, perhaps you manage a team of talented analysts who deliver great results but don’t really share their approaches and processes with each other?

At SAS Global Forum, an entire section of presentations focuses on the usage and flexibility of SAS Enterprise Guide, as well as best practices to

• Deliver complex results – without needing much SAS knowledge

• Create a development environment that enables your team to organize business processes, and share code and results

• Access and organize diverse data sources

• And more…Enterprise Guide Section

One of my favorite presentations in the section demonstrates how SAS® Enterprise Guide® can Provide Water and Conserve Electricity in Las Vegas

Since Las Vegas is a top travel destination with never-ending entertainment, it seems appropriate to offer presentations on the innovative approaches to overcoming the challenges facing the Travel, Hospitality, and Entertainment industries.

Whether you are a frequent traveler like me, or you actually work in this industry, you will enjoy learning

• How social media impacts guest bookings

How SAS analytical tools are used in the gaming and travel industries

I look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

(PS – We still need volunteers to help – so if you are interested in the topics above, consider volunteering to help in one of these sections.

Posted on behalf of Marje Fecht, Section Chair for SAS® Enterprise Guide® Implementation and Usage Section and

Travel, Hospitality & Entertainment.


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