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Recently we reached out to Tyler Smith, who has been involved in the SAS users community through local, regional, and international meetings for a number of years, and pick his brain about the conference. Tyler has used SAS for nearly 20 years and received multiple invitations to speak at SAS Global Forum/SUGI, in addition to serving as Section Chair for the Statistics and Data Analysis, Data Presentation, Operations Research, and Data Mining and Text Analytics sections at SAS Global Forum and SUGI. Below he talks about what you can expect in Data Mining this year...

I once heard a drill-instructor mention that change was inevitable though the enjoyment of it was optional. In trying to stay in front of the growing and evolving needs of the analytic community, we have worked to add two new dimensions this year at SAS Global Forum but we think your enjoyment will become involuntary.

We’re less than a month away and I wanted to toss an invite to those performance optimization gurus out there to highlight an Operations Research (OR) section included as a part of Technology Solutions this year. The section is starting out small with only one session so if you don’t get this into your schedule (Tues 5April 2:00 to 6:00) you’ll miss the debut, and though the second mouse gets the cheese, nobody will want to be left out of the water cooler discussions post-conference.

This year’s slate of presentations in OR include a summary of new features in SAS/OR 9.3, examples of PROC OPTMODEL, and other real world examples of SAS/OR® optimization techniques to guide decision making.

Additionally, the search for intelligent life on the internet will no doubt force accelerated processing of the mountains of free text accumulating on servers around the world. This year’s Data Mining section at SAS Global Forum has a new twist by including “Data Mining and Text Analytics” as part of the title and content. Building on what has made Data Mining a go-to section in the past, this year we have devoted more presentation time to the growing field of text analytics. Real world data examples employing semantic analysis, sentiment mining, bump hunting, social networks, neural networks, and conditional classes are presented by a fantastic group of presenters!

Life has become more complex since the days when we only needed to remember righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. Our new and revised sections this year promise to add new tools to your toolbox and confidence in your step and are must visit attractions at SAS Global Forum this year.

If you have any questions for Tyler, feel free to email him.


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