A Few Tips to Help You Return From Las Vegas as a Winner


Contributed by Vince DelGobbo, SAS R&D Software Developer

Rule #1: Keep your money in your pocket or your purse.

With that settled, we can move on to more important matters.

One key to success at SAS Global Forum is to be organized. Before you get to Vegas, spend some time looking through paper abstracts, adding interesting ones to your personal agenda. Don't worry about papers that overlap for a given time slot; it's good to have a Plan B (or C) if, for whatever reason, you decide not to attend your first choice.

Be sure to consider attending some Super Demos. These are short talks or demos presented by SAS staff, and provide a springboard for delving deeper into a topic with a SAS expert. Search for "super demo" (without quotes) in the Agenda Builder application to see what's available.

The conference starts 7 pm, Monday with the Opening Session in the Forum Ballroom (ground level). It's usually light on technical content, but I would like to suggest that you attend, because it's a great way to get the big picture of what SAS is all about.

Immediately following the opening session is the Get Acquainted Reception. It's a great time to catch up with old friends, and meet some new ones. Oh, and there are always plenty of refreshments.

Speaking of food, plan on attending the continental breakfast each morning. This is a convenient way to get a quick bite to eat and still have time to attend the early morning sessions.

I know 8 am is early, but I highly recommend attending the Technology Connection and Keynote Presentation on Tuesday in the Forum Ballroom (ground level). Here you will get a look at some of the new features of SAS software and also learn about techniques and applications that will be useful in your day-to-day work.

One resource that's overlooked by too many attendees is the SAS Support and Demo Area in the Octavius Ballroom (3rd floor near Registration). In it you can meet with SAS developers to ask them about the products that they support and you can also provide them with feedback on features that you would like to see in a future release. There's a lot of activity in this room and it’s easy to get lost, so we have guides wearing red vests who will help you find what you need.

Here are just a few other things you will find in the Support and Demo Area:

  • Demo Stations manned by SAS developers
  • Super Demos
  • Code Doctors – bring in your sick code for diagnosis and treatment
  • Posters
  • SAS Users Groups, sasCommunity.org, support.sas.com
  • SAS Press, documentation, e-Learning
  • Career Connections
  • Mixer on Tuesday at 6 pm
  • Corporate and Academic Sponsers

All work and no play makes Vegas Vic a dull boy. To unwind a little before the last set of talks on Thursday morning, drop by the Kickback Party at the PURE nightclub on Wednesday at 8:30 pm.

Want to really increase your odds of winning? Consider attending a pre-conference seminar or training class, or the post conference seminars .

Now that we have the deck stacked in our favor, I'll meet you at the Blackjack tables!


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