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결측 대체 함수, ‘COALESCE, COALESCEC’ 들여다보기

실무에서 데이터를 다루다 보면 필연적으로 결측 데이터를 만나게 됩니다. 핑계 없는 무덤이 없다는 속담이 있듯, 데이터가 결측인 이유도 정말 다양합니다. 특별한 경우에만 값이 있는 경우, 서버 장애로 관측되지 않은 경우, 응답자가 응답을 거부하는 경우, 데이터 구조가 바뀌면서 새로운 컬럼이 추가된 경우 등등 너무 다양하죠? 오늘 포스팅에서는 이와 같은 결측치를 처리하는

Programming Tips
Why learn SQL?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most widely used programming language for relational databases worldwide. No other programming language produces more hits for a web search than SQL and interest is growing rapidly. In June 2010, Google showed 135 million hits versus 586 million hits in June 2020. SQL is

Programming Tips
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Fuzzy Matching

The term "fuzzy matching" describes a method of comparing two strings that might have slight differences, such as misspelling or a middle initial in a name included or not included. One of my favorite functions to compare the "closeness" of two strings is the SPEDIS (spelling distance) function. Have you

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Why SAS programmers love SAS

SAS provides solutions that have analytics integrated into reports that deliver insight into what will happen in the future, not just report on what has happened in the past.  Who wouldn't love that? However, what makes the SAS programming environment so useful to end users is how efficient and effective

Learn SAS
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SAS author's tip: displaying integrity constraints

Kirk Lafler and his book PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS are the source of this week's tip. PROC SQL was the very first book that I promoted when joining SAS. Kirk was the perfect first SAS Press author to work with and he remains a favorite. And his book continues to appeal to users--whether they're online or at conferences.

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Rick Langston has SASonality

This is the fifth post in the SASonality series. In this week’s post, I’ve interviewed Rick Langston, a man most SAS users have met or read about. He’s been with SAS for 30 years and attended nearly every SUGI/SAS Global Forum. In the photo at the right, Rick is the

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The Code Doctor is in …

Does your SAS code lack energy? Are your macros not 'mending'? Is your data out of sorts? Not to fear, because here at SAS Global Forum, we have emergency treatment for your SAS code. The new Code Doctors section allows you to bring your problematic SAS programs to a SAS