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Mayra Pedraza 0
Re-energising citizen engagement

Could smart cities and social media be the perfect match? Politics is a divisive issue and not simply from a philosophical standpoint. Different sections of society have very different engagement levels. We could postulate many reasons for this, but the real question is, how can government re-energise citizen engagement in

Analytics | Data for Good
Roderick Crawford 0
Where’s the good in data? How analytics is transforming government decision-making

Undoubtedly, the unifying ambition of everyone who serves in government is to do good for the local communities, regions and countries they serve. What I’m interested in is how departments and agencies arrive at those decisions, verify them and even predict their outcomes so that they know with some degree

Advanced Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Internet of Things
Katrina Wakefield 0
Are public services ready to exploit artificial intelligence?

Governments are already using data and analytics in a number of ways to help them become better informed and provide superior services for their citizens. For both central and local governments, an increasing number of back end processing and citizen engagement opportunities are emerging for smart use of artificial intelligence