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Two macros for detecting data errors

Last year, I wrote a blog demonstrating how to use the %Auto_Outliers macro to automatically identify possible data errors. This blog demonstrates a different approach—one that is useful for variables for which you can identify reasonable ranges of values for each variable. For example, you would not expect resting heart

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Macros Tip: %INCLUDE vs. Macro Language

This SAS author tip is from Robert Virgile, author of “SAS Macro Language Magic: Discovering Advanced Techniques”.  It actually came about when a reader posted a comment on one of Virgile’s blogs. Thank you to that reader for their comment! Technically, %INCLUDE is not part of macro language.  Yes, it

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SAS author's tip: Why think %locally?

This week's SAS tip is from Robert Virgile and his illuminating new book SAS Macro Language Magic: Discovering Advanced Techniques. Robert has 30 years of experience developing and teaching SAS classes. And his new book is filled with powerful programming techniques. If you like this week's free excerpt, you can read

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Importing CSV files into SAS datasets

Sometimes, your first impulse may not be correct, like trading in your practical sedan for a hot 2-seater.  Other times, your first impulse is perfect, as in the examples below. Suppose the automobile data you wish to analyze resides in a CSV file.  Naturally, your first impulse is to import

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Time to trade in your jalopy macro?

Suppose you have an old jalopy that's perfectly reliable.  Your jalopy gets you where you wanna go: no frills; no drama. Do you trade your old wheels in for a racecar that accelerates like crazy and corners like it's on rails? Or stick with what's old and comfortable?   Your choice