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탄력적인 SAS Viya 운영을 통한 Microsoft Azure 클라우드 비용 절감

점점 더 많은 고객이 클라우드로 이동함에 따라 클라우드 인프라 비용이 중요한 요소가 되었습니다. 최초 클라우드 표준 가격 모델은 "종량제"(Pay-As-You-Go, 시간당 고정 가격) 모델이었습니다. 이 모델의 장점은 실제 사용량에 대해서만 비용을 지불하고 필요할 때 리소스를 축소할 수 있다는 것입니다. 하지만 운영환경(production environment)은 연중무휴 24시간 사용 가능한 상태를 유지해야 하는 경우가 많습니다.

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Four technology tips for government leaders preparing for flood disasters

“What’s our plan if we get hit by a big flood?” While this question may be plenty familiar to emergency management professionals, city administrators, legislators, and other leaders in coastal regions that are known for their exposure to potentially disastrous weather events, these days it’s being asked in some unexpected

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Has your company considered a managed application service for demand planning?

The need for agile, accurate demand planning has never been greater. When considering migrating your demand management application to a cloud-native solution, you might experience platform management challenges ranging from lacking the resources needed to oversee application operations, to manipulating maintenance tasks that may distract from growing the business. Why

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How we’re reimagining data access on the cloud

You look to the cloud for several reasons – to meet your cloud-first strategy, for scalability or to adapt quickly to changing business demands. Maybe all three.   Perhaps you need offerings to be available in various regions, or to reduce application response time and improve latency problems. Perhaps regulatory and compliance constraints are limiting (or mandating) the physical locations where your data can be stored and transmitted. This is why having a global data footprint is

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The future of health care and life sciences with SAS Analytics on Azure 

Heather Cartwright, General Manager of Microsoft Health, joined me to contemplate the new horizons in healthcare made possible by SAS and Microsoft’s new strategic partnership.  The four walls of the doctor’s office are disappearing. Following decades of planning for hypotheticals, this year health care organizations were compelled to make good on the promise of digital transformation. Meeting the