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Is it time you started thinking about event stream processing?

A few decades ago, when the first business intelligence solutions appeared, based on carefully designed data warehouses, real-time data capture was a distant dream. Reporting cycles were weekly or monthly at best, with data cleaned and loaded to match. Fast forward to now, and the demand for rapid data-driven decision-making

Hartmut Schroth 0
Big data, IoT and data warehouse?

It's the age of big data and the internet of things (IoT), but how will that change things for insurance companies? Do insurers still need to consider classic data warehouse concepts based on a relational data model? Or will all relevant data be stored in big data structures and thus

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Don't let your data warehouse be a data labyrinth!

Auditability and data quality are two of the most important demands on a data warehouse. Why? Because reliable data processes ensure the accuracy of your analytical applications and statistical reports. Using a standard data model enhances auditability and data quality of your data warehouse implementation for business analytics.

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Taking the big data dive with Hadoop

Demand for analytics is at an all-time high. Monster.com has rated SAS as the number one skill to have to increase your salary and Harvard Business Review continues to highlight why the data scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century.  It is clear that if you want to be

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