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Looking ahead to JSM 2012

My suitcase is out and ready to be packed because I’ll soon make a cross-country trip to San Diego for JSM 2012. I, along with my colleague Brenda Hairston, will manage the SAS Books booth in the Exhibit Hall from July 29-Aug. 1. Be sure to visit us and take a

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SAS author's tip: Define variables once

Jack Shostak is the Associate Director of Statistics at the Duke Clinical Research Institute. A SAS user since 1985, Jack has two SAS books under his belt with a third on the way. This week's SAS tip is from Shotak's SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  The following excerpt is from SAS Press

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New to SAS?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get in Publications is “I’m new to SAS. How do I get started?” We can always help with an answer to the question, but to do so we need to learn a little more about your plans for using SAS.  Do you

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Three SAS books win international awards

This past January, I wrote, “As we wrapped up 2011 and began preparing for 2012," we were notified by the Society for Technical Communication, Carolina Chapter, that three SAS Press books received awards in the 2011-2012 competition. . . . Entries receiving a Distinguished or Excellence award from the local

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Finding each other through social media

Would you like to get to know others who share a common interest in SAS books and documentation? We’ve made it easy for you. Besides reading this blog, here are 3 places to discuss our publications and get real-time announcements. Fans of SAS Books on LinkedIn SAS Publishing on Twitter SAS Publishing’s Facebook

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eBooks, eBooks, eBooks

More than 1,000 attendees from all facets of the Publishing industry gathered in New York in January for the 2012 Digital Book World Conference.  Not surprisingly, the topic of eBooks and their impact on the industry was a focal point of the three day event. Many of the presentations, the

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The 10 most popular SAS Documentation titles of 2011

How many of you routinely refer to SAS Documentation? Are there some heavy hitters you continuously turn to? When looking at the high traffic to documentation pages on the support.sas.com site in 2011, it's evident that some titles are definitely resonating with SAS users. As promised (in a recent post on the 9 Bestselling SAS

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SAS OnDemand and great practice data

You know the old joke about the guy who jumps into a taxi and asks the driver, “Do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?” and the driver replies, “Practice, practice, practice”.  Well SAS OnDemand may not be your ticket to Carnegie Hall but it’s a great practice environment

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Are you reading SAS eBooks?

2011 was a year when we immersed ourselves in the process of converting existing titles to eBook format. You can now read most of your favorite SAS books on your Kindle or iPad or access them for any device through the Google eBookstore. We are currently in the process of converting

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An unforgettable customer interaction

Bad customer service experiences burn into our brains, creating permanent recall. And although we rightfully expect good customer service across the board, truly exceptional customer care is also unforgettable. This month, I featured an interview with SAS Publishing sales representative Sharon Brandon in the new issue of SAS Publishing News.

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