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You know the old joke about the guy who jumps into a taxi and asks the driver, “Do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?” and the driver replies, “Practice, practice, practice”.  Well SAS OnDemand may not be your ticket to Carnegie Hall but it’s a great practice environment for professionals and professors and their students to learn SAS!

SAS OnDemand uses the SAS point-and-click interface, SAS Enterprise Guide, to connect to SAS servers to access practice data from some of your favorite SAS books. In addition, you’ll find practice data from SAS training courses. All processing takes place on the SAS server and the results are returned to your PC.  Only practice data supplied by SAS can be used.

The sample code and data from many of our books will enhance your experience learning and practicing SAS through SAS OnDemand. Whether you’re studying to prepare for a SAS certification exam or looking to become more proficient with SAS Enterprise Guide you can take advantage of the sample code and data available to you from the books in the SAS Press library. If you’re not familiar with our newest learning version of SAS, take a look here.


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Sean Gargan

Director, SAS Publishing

Sean joined SAS in 1986 and has been in the publishing field for over 20 years. SAS Publishing links authors to the SAS community through publishing. Look for our books at (or your favorite bookseller)!

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