Sean Gargan
Director, SAS Publishing

Sean joined SAS in 1986 and has been in the publishing field for over 20 years. SAS Publishing links authors to the SAS community through publishing. Look for our books at (or your favorite bookseller)!

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SAS employees stay informed to keep you informed

As SAS users, you rely on books from SAS to stay informed about the latest software updates and industry best practices from SAS authors. As the organization that brings you those books, Publications Division employees attend trade shows, conferences and workshops for professional development and meet with publishing partners to

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eBooks, eBooks, eBooks

More than 1,000 attendees from all facets of the Publishing industry gathered in New York in January for the 2012 Digital Book World Conference.  Not surprisingly, the topic of eBooks and their impact on the industry was a focal point of the three day event. Many of the presentations, the

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SAS OnDemand and great practice data

You know the old joke about the guy who jumps into a taxi and asks the driver, “Do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?” and the driver replies, “Practice, practice, practice”.  Well SAS OnDemand may not be your ticket to Carnegie Hall but it’s a great practice environment

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QR codes - part II

Back in May I blogged about a QR code survey SAS Publishing conducted at SAS Global Forum. We wanted to know what you'd expect to see if you scanned a QR code located on the back of a SAS Press title.  Due to the relative unfamiliarity with QR codes (as

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Ring in the New Year

Hello Open Mic readers! Thank you for reading our blog where we discuss all things related to SAS authors, the publishing industry, and programs from SAS Publishing. 36 different individuals contributed their expertise and insights to Open Mic in 2010! They discussed such topics as SAS documentation, social media, textbooks,

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Distribution Opportunities in a Digital Age

I remember studying product distribution in my business classes at Colorado State. We learned about the role of manufacturing, distribution centers, and retail outlets, in moving goods from the factory to the consumer. The publishing industry was built on this model – with the added twist of selling distribution rights