QR codes - part II


Back in May I blogged about a QR code survey SAS Publishing conducted at SAS Global Forum. We wanted to know what you'd expect to see if you scanned a QR code located on the back of a SAS Press title. 

Due to the relative unfamiliarity with QR codes (as evidenced by the low scan numbers- 31), we decided to do another test of QR codes before we committed to putting them on the back covers of our SAS Press books. Recently, we targeted two conferences to further test interest in and use of QR codes:

  • JSM (Joint Statistics Meeting)
  • JMP Discovery Summit

In order to encourage participation, we provided a hook; a percent discount off your next book order. We also displayed the codes prominently within our booth, featured the QR code in an ad in the conference program and in a direct mail piece sent to registered attendees. 

The Results:

  • JSM - 5 scans
  • JMP Discovery Summit - 9 scans 

Perhaps this is a case of an interesting technology that has yet to provide enough value to SAS customers to be of use. Or, perhaps we have yet to discover the true value of QR codes for book publishers. Either way, don't expect to see QR codes in the SAS Publishing booth or on the back of SAS Press titles anytime soon.

In what situations do you find the most value in QR codes?


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Sean Gargan

Director, SAS Publishing

Sean joined SAS in 1986 and has been in the publishing field for over 20 years. SAS Publishing links authors to the SAS community through publishing. Look for our books at support.sas.com/bookstore (or your favorite bookseller)!


  1. Shelly Goodin

    Thank you for sharing this post and results, Sean. We're getting some interesting feedback about interest in and use of QR codes.

  2. Sean,
    Chris forwarded this to me. Interesting information. I work at our parish's preschool as their PR person and Chris helped set me up with a QR code to take people directly to our website. I have only published it in our church bulletin (where I get a small section each week to highlight our accomplishments or rant about this or that). It was just this past week that it appeared, so I will be interested to see what comes of it from the parishioners. (Whom I would assume are naturally not as tech savvy as your typical sas customer/user).

    The codes had been around so long that I thought I had come late to the party. Sounds like I'm not the only one!

    As an added aside, I have a QR code reader for my Palm Pre, but unfortunately it is absolutely useless. The camera has no auto focus so I have to manually move my camera around and around and it never gets a clear enough or big enough picture to scan. I can't tell you how hip I look showing this feature off to my director or pastor as I 'Mr. Magoo' my way around that quirky little box only to have dud out on me.

    Thanks for the interesting research!

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