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One of the most frequently asked questions we get in Publications is “I’m new to SAS. How do I get started?” We can always help with an answer to the question, but to do so we need to learn a little more about your plans for using SAS.  Do you consider yourself an analyst, programmer, or statistician? Or are you not even sure what you will be doing, you are just learning SAS?

Whatever your plans, you can now find SAS books that will help you get started using SAS. Here you’ll find a list of books written just for your SAS persona. Tell your friends!



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Vice President, SAS Publications


      • Agreed, Little SAS book is like the bible of SAS. I started 5 years back and still keep a copy handy.
        I would also suggest going through blogs and websites, there are so many of them. These also helped me a lot..

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