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The Power of the Backlist

In today’s changing environment the hype seems to focus on new, updated, latest release, newly developed, cutting edge and so on. With so many new SAS books to choose from, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at our most popular backlist titles (books that were published

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Better on Larger Screens!

eBooks are all the rage now in the publishing industry and for SAS Publishing, we’re just as excited as the rest of our publishing friends. But not all e-reading experiences are created equal. Smart phones, tablets, and dedicated eReaders have opened the door to eBook delivery. These devices offer beautiful

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Hug a Book! It's World Book Day

Contributed by SAS Publishing’s Shelly Goodin I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I just learned yesterday that World Book Day is TODAY, March 3. So I visited the World Book Day Website to find out more. Our book loving friends in Ireland and the United Kingdom apparently launched this

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