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When I began my job at SAS in 1999 (I was only 14 years old at the time), one of my responsibilities was taking over the production of a listserv called NEWDOCNEWS. The listserv consisted of all the new titles from Books By Users (now SAS Press) and SAS Documentation (still called SAS Documentation but now it’s available in hardcopy AND online for free!) as well as listing all of the SAS conferences and tradeshows with some book reviews thrown in to spice it up.

Sometime in 2003, it morphed into one of the very first e-newsletters here at SAS called Your SAS Publishing News. We started adding author interviews, featured books at 25% off the retail price, and items of interest from around SAS – training specials, certification news, and samples from SAS experts.

Fast forward to 2011, we have all of the above plus links to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages, information about podcasts and webinars, and a whole section dedicated to extras and experts. We even shortened the title to SAS Publishing News (SPN if I am trying to sound official and save those extra key strokes) and added an editor’s note where I can exercise my creativity if the muse (and my manager) moves me.

SPN (Shelly is limiting my posting to less than 350 words) comes out the fourth Wednesday of each month and is easy to subscribe to using your SAS profile. This is your one-stop shopping for all things SAS Publishing. You will learn about the latest happenings in SAS Press with links to Authorline, be among the first to be able to order hot off the press titles – both SAS Press and SAS doc, hear from SAS authors in interviews, podcasts and online training webinars, find out which books you can buy in e-book format from Kindle, Mobipocket and Google ebooks, and so much more. And don’t forget the most important feature of SPN, the editor’s note!

I love to hear from my readers so feel free to drop me a note anytime. See you on March 23, for the latest issue of SAS Publishing News.


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Judi Rourke

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Judi Rourke has been providing SAS information to customers on since 1999. Her experience with SAS Press and the Analytics R&D team helps her locate and produce some of the best content on

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