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eBooks are all the rage now in the publishing industry and for SAS Publishing, we’re just as excited as the rest of our publishing friends. But not all e-reading experiences are created equal.

Smart phones, tablets, and dedicated eReaders have opened the door to eBook delivery. These devices offer beautiful delivery of flowed text across the devices’ screen. However, the heavy use of graphs, formulas and output in SAS books makes the conversion to flowable text a slow process. We’re working diligently, but it will still be a while before all your favorite SAS Press books are available as flowable text on these devices.

Another online Choice?

The good news is you don’t have to wait to access SAS Press titles online! Through Google eBooks, you can purchase the PDF versions of SAS Press books. When you search for a title on Google eBooks, notice on the right side of the page under the price the words ‘Better for larger screens’. This means the file is not yet viewable with text that flows from one line to the other. Instead, you’ll be purchasing the PDF which retains the fixed layout, much like your printed copy.

Like your email, you can access all your ebooks wirelessly in one place, no matter where you go. Google eBooks stores your library in the digital cloud, which means you get to shop for all of your favorite books wherever you want, and read them wherever you go, using just about any device with an Internet connection. (Google eBooks is compatible with about any device except the Kindle).

But for those of you who prefer the look, style and size of a book, go for the PDF from Google eBooks – ‘Better on larger screens’!

Tell us which SAS Press titles you're reading via Google eBooks! Comment here.


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Sandy Varner

SAS Publishing Operations Manager

Sandy joined SAS in 1980 and has been in publishing for over 30 years. In addition to supporting the SAS bookstore, she also focuses on business development with resellers in the publishing industry such as the Apple iBookstore, Amazon, Google, and Barnes and Noble.

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