Hug a Book! It's World Book Day


Contributed by SAS Publishing’s Shelly Goodin

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I just learned yesterday that World Book Day is TODAY, March 3. So I visited the World Book Day Website to find out more. Our book loving friends in Ireland and the United Kingdom apparently launched this deserving day, as well as made this very cute video available:


Since there wasn't time to create our own video to celebrate the occasion (my fault...), I’d like to share my appreciation for our fabulous SAS Press authors and readers (in the States and abroad), SAS and JMP users, book reviewers, and everyone involved with producing books here at SAS Publishing! We have so many resources in both hardcover and electronic formats and will continue publishing books on topics that you care about.

Speaking of which…If you have an idea for a book you’d like to see us publish or if you’d just like to share your thoughts about the importance of books in your own life, submit a comment. Or perhaps just hug a SAS Press author--or a book.


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